Howling Winds Wellness

Grab a paddle

because no one is coming to save you but you. There are rapids, stills, and gentle moving parts to the river of life and having a good guide mean the difference between an enjoyable ride, and cold wet walk home.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where every soul can complete the contracts they’ve set out to. Our mission is to help you create the life you were meant to by helping you heal, grow, and process from lower vibrational thoughts and energies that were enforced over you.

Next steps

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We offer 1 on 1 courses, classes, and therapy sessions ranging from Reiki Energy Healing, Dream Manifesting, Past Life Channeling, Distance Healings, and client crafted rituals to help guide you into a new resting state of Peace and Prosperity.

Wake up

This isn’t the first time you’ve been here and it won’t be the last. You are a creature of light that was made in the very beginning of all things. It’s our goal to help you remember this.

We’ve created a series of personalized self evaluations courses to help you see where in your world, you’re getting in the way of manifesting the life you dream of.


What People Say

I spent so long thinking that I was alone. That my I couldn’t go beyond my dead end job or small town, until I started being coached by Jeyd. She helped me see myself in a way I hadn’t before.

Jordan Jensen

That’s me on the table. Now, 2 days later the pain issue she was working on is gone. Thanks for a wonderful healing experience.

Richard Schrei

Got Questions?

Reach out to us directly with any questions or curiosities you may have. Time is our most valuable resource. Learn to transmute the hurt and pain into the your wealth and greater gain of enjoyment from journey to it.